Phones and communications

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Telephone communications

  • It authorizes, generally, all internal, up to TEN phone calls a week, each five-minute.
  • You may register up 10 telephone numbers to request an official internal instance, providing original invoice stating HOLDER & Telephone Number. Prepaid phones are permitted with mandatory registration card.


Communications and visits

  • Regular communications:
    The inmate can communicate weekly with their families and relatives generally parlor, upon telephone request from relatives in the number of appointment, having to prove the identity and the relationship and / or kinship day visit.
  • Special Communications:
    The local prison has particularly suitable for family visits or relatives of prisoners who do not enjoy regular furloughs.

This is general information, that has its variations depending on the capabilities of the family, whether there are children, etc. Therefore, it is convenient to know in detail by calling the appointment that appears at the top of this page.

Schedules holding these views are as follows: Monday through Friday in two shifts, one morning at 10,15 hours, and afternoon at 15.00 hours. The duration of these is two hours (excluding visits coexistence that will last four hours)

Upon application of the internal, is given, al mes, intimate communication, other family and cohabitation, which must be requested on the official form of special communications, with 15 days prior to the holding of the same.

The vis-vis cohabitation only take place with the couple and children under 10 years old, or partner only. They must present marriage certificate, DAYS, Or passport. Minors must also present ID.

In the family vis-vis entry only allowed four relatives or friends, including children under 10 years old. The vis-vis intimate will be held with the couple provided documentary proof term relationship.

  • Packages and valuables
    Inmates are entitled to receive and send two packages of clothes and publications, al mes. Those valuables or belongings will be withheld unauthorized, domestic handing a receipt.