Who We Are?

Preaching the Gospel

The Prison Ministry is a part of the Church's mission is to proclaim the good news of the gospel in the world of people related to deprivation of liberty.

Everyone has the right to reach him the liberating message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the proclamation of God's forgiveness, that can mean so much to regain consciousness of personal dignity and initiate a conversion process. Therefore, essential objective of the Prison Pastoral care and promote care of the faith of those who are Christians, to be around and preach the gospel to those who are searching for meaning and new hope in their lives.

Avoiding the marginalization and social exclusion

The deprivation of liberty must not carry conviction prisoner of loneliness and alienation. One of the most serious and can harm the prisoner's suffering is the experience of abandonment, especially when their own relatives, friends and ignore.

Therefore, Prison Pastoral try to avoid social exclusion by promoting contact and communication with the outside, looking for friends and family relate to them (views, epistolary, etc.) and raising concerns and proximity of the Christian community. No inmate is to be forgotten, no one cares for him even if it is foreign or away from their families.

Rehabilitation staff

As everyone, the prisoner is not only a victim of external factors that have influenced his life story but, at the same time, slave and responsible for their own inner turmoil, his misconduct ...

The prison ministry we want to help the prisoner to find himself with more depth and truth, without destroying or despise himself; we want to foster a process of personal self renewal and recovery of the sense of life, maturation of their ability to live together in the middle of society.

Prison Ministry seeks to collaborate with other agencies and services in reeducadoras tasks prisoners.

Reintegration assistance and post-prison

The attention does not end in prison. Pastoral Penitentiary tries to facilitate reinserción, by providing them a refuge in which to enjoy the permissions that grant him the center; and, upon release, if needed, orient to institutional resources that can go.

This service, prison ministry is done in collaboration and coordination with Caritas.